Who we are:

PeerIslands is a software and services company with offices in Cayman Islands and United States. We work at the cusp of technology and business by building cloud-native applications, and solving challenges surrounding artificial intelligence that help improve performance and add value to our clients’ businesses by leveraging our next-generation application development practices.

Our passion to code driven by the commitment to always do the right thing for our clients – no matter how hard – helps us deliver top-notch results. Combined with a love of surfing and snorkeling, PeerIslands can offer you a unique mix of island living and the opportunity to be part of a team that thrives on building an unmatched coding experience.

If you bring your A-game to the table, we’ll help you with the surfing and snorkeling.

How we work:

In what is a conscious decision, our organization and teams have been structured to work effectively, to disrupt software engineering as it exists today. Each of our employees is:

1. Tasked with end-to-end responsibilities
What that means is that no task is ever out of scope, and each one of us rolls up our sleeves to take complete responsibility for the entire lifecycle of a project, not just a part of it.

2. A part of organic teams
We work as self-managed pods, with no traditional reporting structure across the company. However, mentors with most relevant tech or domain experience are identified to provide guidance as required.

3. Focused on continuous learning
We place a premium on investing in yourself, to continually stay a relevant leader, who makes a noticeable difference

That’s what sets us, and our work apart.